2017 Pirelli Welsh Rally Championship

26 January 2017  |  Brian

We are pleased to confirm that we will once again be supporting the Pirelli Welsh Rally Championship with the unique RAVENOL CHALLENGE again in 2017 and a prize fund valued at £3.000.  2016 winners Andrew Jones (1st), Wug Utting (2nd) and Luke Francis (3rd) are pictured receiving their awards at the WANC Annual Awards Ceremony last weekend.

For 2017 we have an exciting new format where even a low-powered car run on a tight budget can win prizes - all down to driver talent. Championship organiser Dave Evison is delighted with the new concept proposed at a meeting with RAVENOL UK Managing Director Brian Chase last week. "This really goes to prove that Ravenol as a brand is behind young aspiring drivers working to a tight budget. The new concept will enable more teams to win valuable prizes which can only be good for the sport as a whole".