Audi Sport TT Cup

23 November 2017  |  Brian

RAVENOL reporter Victoria looks behind the scenes of the RAVENOL supported Audi Sport TT Cup and meets RAVENOL Germany's Motorsport Director Martin Huning.

The Audi TT cup is the racing version of the Audi TT and delivers 228 kW (310 hp) with a weight of only 1,125 kilogrammes. The car benefits from the technological innovations of the production model – particularly in terms of lightweight design. The Audi TT cup’s safety concept is unique in its class. Every TT cup is equipped with a safety seat, which is also used in the Audi R8 LMS. The fire extinguisher system is used in Audi Sport’s GT racing and DTM programmes. Furthermore, the Cup race car is fitted with an FIA certified 100 litre safety fuel cell as well as side impact protection with kevlar collision protection plates and crash foam in the driver’s door. A steel roll-cage specially designed for the Audi TT cup and welded to the body also ensures maximum safety and stiffness.

The drivers can also activate the Push-to-pass option by pressing a button on the steering wheel. As a result, they change the engine characteristics and can momentarily request 30 horsepower more. The excitement during the 30-minute races increases thanks to the additional engine power, because the chance of overtaking is increased. A blue lamp behind the windscreen shows that the additional power is activated. LEDs in the rear screen show the competitors and spectators how often the driver can still request more power. The number of requests is defined in the regulations.

All of the cars for the Audi Sport TT Cup are prepared centrally using lubricants recommended and supplied by RAVENOL – this guarantees utmost performance parity. The competitors can rely on always sitting in a perfectly prepared race car. Included in the registration fee is the preparation of the cars and the races, data analysis, a mechanic, VIP tickets including access to the Audi Lounge in the paddock and space on the TT cup’s bonnet for personal sponsors. Audi also looks after the transport and the pit equipment.