Cameron Davies

11 July 2017  |  Brian

Ravenol’s Siobhan Pugh in interview with BRC Junior contender Cameron Davies about his comeback after his horrifying accident on the Ypres Rally in Belgium.

Siobhan: What happened in Belgium?

Cameron: In Belgium we had a good start to the rally but on SS6 the engine stalled and we spun off stage. We could not restart the car so my co driver pushed the car back off the road and tried to slow the next car down, who did not slow down enough and he hit me head on while I was still in the car trying to restart it. As he hit me he pushed me back into a concrete post so not only did he cause front end damage he caused back and side damage too, which put us out of the rally and out of the championship so we thought!

Siobhan: When did you decide to give it another go?

Cameron: The car was parked up in the garage after Ypres and we didn’t think anything of returning for the season until next year, it was only the Sunday before the Nicky Grist that we had a phone call saying “what do we need to do to get you out on the rally? A few other people clubbed together from those phone calls and we just managed to get the bare minimum that we needed from a few existing sponsors and said “Right….let’s do this!” and everyone pulled together in 5 days and got it done!

Siobhan: Has the support from social media inspired you to fight?

Cameron: Yea it really has! I was really amazed at how encouraging some people were and what they did to push me on and try and get me back out including the crowd funding. I didn’t achieve exactly the amount that I needed but it was a considerable sum of money and it helped with a lot of people outside the crowd funding. Overall it really worked out!

Siobhan: What’s the aim for this weekend?

Cameron: That’s a difficult one especially after having such a negative event but I suppose with it being a home rally and all the hype that has gone on it would be nice to have a good result and get on the podium to thank all the boys and everyone that has helped out to get me back rallying. A win would be the icing on the cake but the best thing is to try our best and to get a finish!

Siobhan: What about the rest of the season?

 Cameron: We are just going to play it round by round at the moment and if we have a good result this weekend we will still be in the fight for the championship.