CleanSynto ® by RAVENOL: Make your engine cleaner and reduce maintenance costs.

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Why CleanSynto®?

clean synto synthetic oil ravenol

What does CleanSynto® mean?

clean synto formula ravenol

  • Soot and dirt particles can leave deposits which may result in blocked filters and contamination of oil passages and oil pumps.
  • Engine efficiency declines and the risk of engine failure increases

Special CleanSynto® Formula

clean synto formula ravenol


RAVENOL's special CleanSynto® technology actively reduces deposits of soot and dirt particles helping oil can reach critical lubricating points more effectively, and keeping your engine clean and running like new for longer. Use of CleanSynto® engine oils dramatically improves engine efficiency and significantly reduces the risk of developing engine problems in the future.

ravenol hcs 5w40            RAVENOL CleanSynto Technology provides:

            - Cleaner engine components
            - Extended Service Drain protection
            - Maximum engine durability         
            - Reduced maintenance costs


Here is the list of Ravenol automotive engine oils with CleanSynto Technology :

Paul Barnes
06 January 2018  |  12:57

I use this oil all the time in my bmw e46petrol engine top product best oil I have used

01 February 2018  |  13:49

Thanks for your comment Paul - it always great to hear that we're getting it right.

24 July 2018  |  10:43

Could you please help me to check if Ravenol VMP 5W-30 oil is PAO based full synthetic one?
Appreciate your help!

Ravenol Marketing
24 July 2018  |  12:26

Hi David, yes the RAVENOL VMP 5W-30 is a fully synthetic oil with CleanSynto technology based on PAO Mid SAPS Technology. You can read more or buy online here: