RAVENOL Have Teamed up with Foxy Lady for Tyre Safety Awareness Month

15 October 2018  |  Ravenol Marketing

Are you a Foxy Lady Driver?

RAVENOL have teamed up with Foxy Lady Drivers Club for Tyre Safety Month. Ladies, let them know one thing you need to check on your tyres each month and you could win a £50 restaurant voucher! Perfect for you and a friend or your other half.

It's not just your car oil which needs a regular peek - the rubber on the tyres can age, blister, crack or even be cut. The thread can wear down over time and tyres can also be under or over inflated. As well as being dangerous, you can be fined £2500 for illegal tyre tread (less than 1.6mm) and get 3 penalty points on your licence! And if your tyre pressure is too low you, your car has to work harder, wasting fuel too - not even RAVENOL's fuel economy range can help you there.

There's a simple acronym that the Tyresafe Campaign has come up with to help you remember what to check:  A-C-T


C - CONDITION of tyres

T - TREAD depth

The Foxy Lady Drivers Club isn't just a group of motoring-savvy women drivers. Whilst their goals include helping the motor industry understand women's needs and encouraging more women to work in the automobile sector, the organisation also accredits garages so everyone can feel confident they're getting a quality service at a fair price when they see the Foxy Lady logo. Why not click on it to see where your nearest Foxy Lady approved garage is?

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