Which Oil?

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The RAVENOL range includes the optimum lubricant for most vehicle makes and models, as shown by the number of approvals our products have. If you're not sure which is the best oil for your vehicle, please click on the relevant icon below and select your vehicle to search through our database. Please note, Vauxhall is listed as Opel (its European name).

Ravenol is a global company and the "Which Oil" program reflects this. If multiple grades of oil are suggested, please check your vehicle handbook for the correct grade of oil for the UK climate. (Thinner oils are needed for cold climate and a thicker oil for a hot climate - UK climate is what they call "Temperate" so go for the middle grade). If your vehicle is high mileage or has a high oil consumption it is worth considering a thicker grade. If multiple oils of the same grade of suggested, they will be listed with the highest quality of oil at the top. If you have any difficulties using the app, or if the oil you need is a "special product", please give our helpful team a call on 01686 650 640 or send an email with the vehicle details to info@ravenol.co.uk

Always consult your service manual and confirm the specific fluid and oil requirements for your application!

Please note, as RAVENOL is a global company and this database is used by customers worldwide, we are unable to offer the facility of entering a UK registration number. 

Also, if you drive a Land Rover model then please take a look at our Land Rover datasheet: LAND ROVER MODELS


The database in this “Ravenol Oil Guide” is intended as a guide to enable you to choose the correct oil for your vehicle. It has been established with the greatest possible care by comparing the range of Ravenol lubricants to the standards and requirements of the vehicle manufacturer for normal use. Please note that all recommendations are based on information given to us by 3rd parties and we therefore cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information given. We recommend that you consult the original Manufacturer’s specification and in case of doubt please contact us.