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RAVENOL  HFE 5W-16 Engine Oil

RAVENOL HFE 5W-16 Engine Oil

RAVENOL High Fuel Economy HFE SAE 5W-16 is one of the new breed of fully synthetic, low-friction engine oils with Ravenol's patented CleanSynto® technology meeting the new SAE category 5W-16 for passenger cars.  This futuristic lubricant is especially recommended for hybrid vehicles.


  • Honda 08215-99974, 08216-99974, 08232-P99S1LHE
  • Honda Ultra Next, Ultra Green, Hybrid Engine
  • Nissan KLANM-01A04 Extra Save X Eco,
  • Mitsubishi MZ102661, MZ102662,
  • Mitsubishi DiaQueen ECO Plus,
  • Toyota 0880-11005

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