Ravenol UK Racing Programme


Do you have what it takes to be part of the Ravenol UK Racing Programme? We are looking for passionate motorsport competitors to join us in 2024.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Social media accounts.
  • Racing vehicle (two-wheeled or four-wheeled, owned or rented)
  • Valid UK Racing License.
  • You must be a UK resident.

What we require if you are successful:

  • Provide race reports directly to us.
  • Display 2 Ravenol decals on vehicles (supplied)
  • Display the Ravenol patch on race suit.
  • Provide non-copyrighted images with Ravenol branding on vehicle.
  • Ravenol branded clothing at every racing event.
  • Regular updates on events and performance.
  • Include the tag ‘@ravenoluk’ and hashtag ‘#ravenoluk’ on every post.

What happens next:

  • We will review your application.
  • We may contact you if we need more information.
  • We will contact you if you are successful.

What you’ll receive:

  • Free merchandise including:
    • A high-quality embroidered cap
    • Vehicle stickers
    • Subsidised laboratory testing for your vehicle’s oil
  • Support and advice at any time from our marketing team.
  • A global lubricants company to add to your racing portfolio.
  • A generous discount on our motorsport product range.

Name of your race team
The event (or multiple) your team will be competing in
The first line of your address
The second line of your address (Leave Blank If Not Applicable)
The third line of your address (Leave Blank If Not Applicable)
Which town you or your team are located at
Which county you or your team are located at
Which postcode you or your team are located at
Your telephone number. It can be either your mobile phone, landline, or business number
Your email address, either your personal or team email address
Your website link i.e., 'https://...'
Your social media links i.e., 'https://'. If you do not have any social media accounts, unfortunately you will not meet the criteria needed for us to sponsor you