About Ravenol

RAVENOL UK Ltd., are the sole UK and Irish distributors of RAVENOL, which is the brand name of Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH, founded in 1946 by Hans Triebel in the small town of Werther, Germany. Initially the company manufactured and sold monograde engine oils and industrial cleaning products, but the lubricants range was steadily expanded over the years. Nowadays, many businesses throughout the world from the automotive, engineering, steel and construction sectors, as well as mining, agriculture and transport companies, rely on RAVENOL-branded oils and lubricants. For information on RAVENOL outside of the UK, please click here.

We at RAVENOL are committed to extending and improving our product range. We understand that modernisation is always a necessary ongoing process in order to be competitive in the increasingly complex technical lubricants market. As a result, our Research & Development Department, based in North Germany, is one of the most technically advanced in the world. The enthusiasm and dedication of our scientists has resulted in the development of some of the most innovative lubricants on the market today - not only meeting, but often exceeding the requirements of even the most ambitious vehicle manufacturer. Engines run smoother and cleaner, fuel economy and throttle response are improved, emissions are reduced and oil change intervals can be extended to the absolute maximum recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

One demonstration of this capability is the development of a special formulation for full synthetic oils based on the latest ester technology. This system is offered under the brand name "CleanSynto®" and offers exceptional protection to critical parts of the engine from premature wear. What more could you wish for from your oil?

5L packs now feature a finger grip on the bottom and a profiled surface on the neck to improve control in use, whilst the pull-out spout provides much easier and more accurate pouring. RAVENOL’s new brand positioning of being "Forever Faster", is also the guiding principle for the company expressed through all its actions and decisions. Our objective is to be fast in reacting to new developments in automotive technology, fast in bringing new innovations to the market, fast in decision making and fast in solving problems for our partners. We are simply streets ahead of the competition.

Our constant customer focus has also led to new optimised packaging to make handling for the user as easy and safe as possible. Information on our unique packaging can be found in the Features-Flyer


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