Manual transmission

Manual Transmission Fluids (MTF or “gear oils”) are special lubricants which are used in manual transmissions, which are still the most popular type of transmission found in vehicles in the UK. Unlike automatic transmissions, manual transmission have to cope with the input forces from the driver during changing gear, and we’re all guilty of the occasional grind!

The quality of the Manual Transmission Fluid in your gearbox is fundamental to transmission function and longevity. Using the wrong oil in your gearbox can lead to selection problems, vibration, whining noises and sluggish function. Despite this, many garages put GL5 oils in all manual gearboxes regardless of the manufacturer’s specifications, mainly because that is all they stock, especially when buying in bulk. If you don’t trust the quality of the product your garage using, buy the correct product from RAVENOL and make sure your mechanic uses it. 

RAVENOL’s high performance Manual Transmission Fluids have been specially designed for optimum power delivery and smooth transmission operation, allowing for quicker gear selection changes, quieter running and improved fuel consumption. Our products are used and recommended by leading transmission specialists such as Bristol Transmissions.

Is your manual gearbox seizing, jumping out of gear, rattling or making noises it never used to? Did you know that up to 90% of manual gearbox problems can be caused by incorrect or old fluid? Before you spend hundreds of pounds on a new gearbox, try changing the fluid to RAVENOL! 

Trade Discounts available for bona-fide resellers and workshops - call us on 01686 650640 for details.


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RAVENOL AWD-H Haldex Fluid

RAVENOL AWD-H Haldex Fluid is a special high-performance product engineered for use in Haldex's Allrad, Quattro and 4motion powertrains and is suitable for use with all-wheel drive powertrains with Haldex couplings in AUDI, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, VAUXHALL, LANDROVER and VOLVO vehicles.

  • BMW 83 22 2 413 513
  • Volkswagen VW G 052 175 A2
  • Volkswagen VW G 055 175 A2
  • Volkswagen VW G 060 175 A2
  • Volvo 31367940
  • GM 93165387
  • Land Rover LR 054941
  • Land Rover LR 003136 (Haldex-Oil Year 2011-2014)
RAVENOL Dexron D II Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL ATF Dexron II D Transmission Fluid is a blend of highly refined base oils and additive treatments to produce a high quality fluid for vehicles requiring a transmission fluid of this specification. Also suitable for some manual gearboxes and power steering systems.

  • Voith H55.6335.xx
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 236.6, MB 236.7
  • MAN 339 Typ Z-1
  • ZF TE-ML 03D, ZF TE-ML 04D, ZF TE-ML 05L, ZF TE-ML 11A, ZF TE-ML 14A, ZF TE-ML 17C
  • VOITH H55.6335.xx
  • Ford SQM-9010B, Ford M2C-138 CJ,166H, 185A
  • Cat-TO-2
  • CVT
  • Universal ATF
RAVENOL Dexron III H Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL ATF DEXRON III H Transmission Fluid is a universal automatic transmission fluid for all automatic transmissions, with and without controlled torque converter lockup clutch. Also suitable for some manual gearboxes and power steering systems.

Allison C4, Allison TES-389, Dexron III H

  • ZF TE-ML 04D, ZF TE-ML 14B, ZF TE-ML 16L, 
  • ZF TE-ML 20B, ZF TE-ML 05L, ZF TE-ML 17C
  • Voith 55.6336.3x Extended Drain (G1363),
  • Allison C4-33072010 (ATF III H), Allison TES-389 AA-33072010 (ATF III H)
  • C4-32642009
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 236.1, MB 236.6, MB 236.9, MB 236.10
  • MAN 339 Typ Z-2
  • Volvo Transmission Oil 97341
  • Volvo 1161521 and 1161621
RAVENOL DGL 75W-85 Transmission Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL DGL 75W-85 Transmission Fluid has been developed to the meet increased loads of modern, high performance transmissions and is especially suited for applications requiring "limited slip" (LS) properties.

API GL-5 + LS (Limited Slip), MIL-L-2105D

  • AC Delco 10-4032
  • BMW 83 22 2 239 982, BMW 83 22 2 295 532, BMW Hypoid Axle Oil G1,
  • Jeep
  • BOT 448
  • Chrysler ELSD Rear Axle
  • Dodge
  • Fiat 9.55550 F426.E06, Fiat 9.55550-DA8, Fiat 9.55550-DA9
  • General Motors GM 92184900
  • Honda 08200-9014 for Crosstour 2010-2015, Pilot 2006-2015, Ridgeline 2006-2014
  • Acura 08200-9014A for Acura MDX 2003-2014, Acura RDX 2007-2014,  Acura RL 2005-2012,  Acura TL 2009-2014,  Acura ZDX 2010-2013
  • Land Rover LR052059
  • Mercedes Benz MB 235.7 A0019898303, MB 235.15 A0019895903, MB 235.74 A0019893303, MB 239.71 A0019898803
  • Mopar 68083381AA
  • Toyota 08885-8081, Toyota JWS 2273, Lexus
  • Volkswagen VW TL 521 90, VW G052 196 A2, VW G052 190 A2, VW G055 190 A2
  • ZF TE-ML 18.
RAVENOL DTF-1 Transfer Fluid TF-0870

RAVENOL DTF-1 Transfer Fluid (TF-0870) is a fully synthetic gear lubricant for the latest generation of electronically controlled active transfer boxes which ensures the correct functioning of the transfer box and optimum power transmission even under the highest loads.

  • Land Rover IYK500010
  • ATF TF-0753, ATF TF-0870
  • Nissan 999MP-TF0870P, KLD22-00001EU for Transfer Case ATX90A
  • Porsche 000-043-301-36/ Porsche 00004330136 for Cayenne Transfer Case
  • Porsche 95834153600
  • Volkswagen VW G052515A2 for Transfer Case 0AD and 0BV for Touareg and Audi Q7
  • Volkswagen VW G052536A2 for 0BU for Touareg, Amarok and Audi Q7
  • Volkswagen VW G052533A2 for Transfer Case 0C7 for Amarok
  • BMW DTF-1 83222409710, BMW 83220306816, BMW 83220397244 for Transfer Case xDrive
  • ATC300, ATC350, ATC400, ATC450, ATC500, ATC700
  • Genesis G90 3.3 T-GDI, Genesis 5.0 GDI AWD
  • Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDI, Kia 3.3 T-GDI AWD (2017)
  • Mopar 68049954AA for BorgWarner 44-40 with new transfer case characteristics


RAVENOL EPX 80W-90 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL EPX 80W-90 Transmission Fluid is  a multirange transmission oil for differntials, synchronised and non synchronised manual transmissions




  • MAN 342 Typ M1
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 235.0
  • FORD SQM-2C-9002 AA
RAVENOL LS 75W-90 Transmission Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL LS 75W-90 Transmission Fluid is a semi synthetic Limited Slip Differential oil especially suitable for Historic Motorsport applications. Can also be used in non-synchro (dog) and sequential gearboxes. Not suitable for synchromesh or overdrive boxes.


  • MIL-L-2105D,
  • ZF TE-ML 05C, ZF TE-ML 05D



RAVENOL LS 90 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL LS 90  Transmission Fluid Mineral is a mineral hypoid transmission oil formulated for use where Limited Slip capabilities are required and meets the extremely stringent requirements for many differential gears and locking differentials. Suitable for use in Historic Motorsport.

API GL-5, MIL-L-2105 D

  • ZF TE-ML 05C, ZF TE-ML 12C, ZF TE-ML 16E, ZF TE-ML 21C
  • Ford
RAVENOL MDL Transmission Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL MDL Transmission Fluid is a synthetic lubricant for clutch-type lamella limited slip differentials.

  • AcDelco 10-4032
  • Daimler A 0019895903 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ( W164, X164)
  • General Motors GM 92184900
  • Land Rover LR019727,
  • BOT 720, TYK500070,
  • Porsche 000.043.300.37 Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Panamera
  • Volkswagen VW G052196A2, VW Touareg
RAVENOL MTF-1 75W-85 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL MTF-1 75W-85 Transmission Fluid combines outstanding performance at both hot and cold temperature extremes, even with extended oil change intervals.


  • General Motors GM 1940182, GM 93740319
  • Hyundai 04300-00110, 04300-00140, 08950-00020-B, 08950-00020-A
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 235.4 
  • Mitsubishi 3717610
  • MTF BOT 402
  • BOT 0063 for F35, MU3 5-speed 
  • SAAB
  • General Motors
  • Vauxhall (Opel) B 040 2071
  • Nissan KLD26-75802, KE91699931, KE91699942, 999MP-MTF00P
  • GM/Vauxhall B 040 2071
  • Toyota 08885-02606, 08885-81070, 08885-81060
RAVENOL MTF-2 75W-80 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL MTF-2 75W-80 Transmission Fluid has low friction characteristics coupled with exceptional high load capabilities, maximising both fuel economy and wear protection.

API GL-4, MT-1

  • AC Delco 10-4033
  • BMW 23007533513 MTF LT-2, BMW 83220309031, BMW 23001434404 MTF LT-1
  • Fiat 9.55550-MZ2 F178.B06 14621616
  • Ford M2C 200-D2, WSS-M2C 200-C3 1547953 1382914
  • General Motors GM 1940711, GM 88861800, GM 88861801
  • Honda 08261-99964 Genuine MTF Fluid 08798-9031 
  • Hyundai 02200-00130 TOD
  • Land Rover STC 9157, TYK500030, STC 9158
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 235.10
  • Mitsubishi MZ312644 3005401
  • MTF-94 Fluid for Land Rover, MG and Mini Cooper
  • Nissan 999MP-MTF20P KE91699932R
  • Peugeot 9730A2
  • Subaru K0321-F0090
  • Toyota 08885-00705
  • Volvo 1161681 1161745
  • Volkswagen/ Audi G 052 911 A2; G 055 538 A2 for ZF 6S450 Amarok 0C6
  • MTF XT4447 M+, MTF ETL8997B, MTF 97309,
  • PSA B 71 2330
RAVENOL MTF-3 75W Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL MTF-3 75W Transmission Fluid is fully synthetic, fuel efficient gear oil formulated using the latest PAO synthetic technology.

  • JWS2271
  • BMW MTF LT-3 23007533818, BMW MTF LT-3 83220396706, BMW MTF LT-3 83227533818
  • PSA Standard 9730A8
  • Toyota 08885-81001, 08885-81081
  • Ford WSS-M2C200-D2, Ford WSS-M2C-200-D3
  • Fiat 9.55550-MZ6
  • Mercedes-Benz MB A001989840309, MB 235.10
  • Suzuki 99000-22B27-036
  • Volkswagen/ Audi G 060 726 A2, G 052 171 A2, G 052 512 A2 
  • Volkswagen VW G 070 726 A2, VW G 009 317 A2
  • Volvo 1161839, Volvo 1161838
RAVENOL MZG 80W-90 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL MZG 80W-90 Transmission Fluid is recommended for the lubrication of all manual transmissions, differential gears and steering transmissions in vehicles for which EP transmission oil of an SAE 80W-90 is required by the manufacturer. 

API GL-4, MIL-L-2105 D

  • ZF TE-ML 16A, ZF TE-ML 17A, ZF TE-ML 19A, ZF TE-ML 02B
  • MAN 341 Type Z-1, MAN 341 Type E-1
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 235.1
  • Ford SQM-2C-9008 A
RAVENOL PSA 75W-80 Transmission Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL PSA SAE 75W-80 Transmission Fluid is a high-quality, semi-synthetic multi-grade gear manual oil with special extreme pressure properties. It is made using a special solvent refined base oil and has a special additive formula for outstanding wear protection and lubrication properties.

  • API GL-4
  • PSA Standard B 71 2315
RAVENOL SLS 75W-140 Transmission Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL SLS 75W-140 Transmission Fluid is a fully synthetic Limited Slip Differential oil especially suitable for highly stressed differentials and dog gear boxes. Ensures the best possible performance even in extreme conditions, making it ideal for motorsport, especially stage rally, applications.

API GL-5 + LS, MIL-L-2105D

RAVENOL STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is a fully synthetic transmission oil utilising special additives and inhibitors to ensure the trouble-free functioning of the transmission. It has been specially developed for manual transmissions and transfer cases from GM and Chrysler.

  • Chrysler MS-9417, MS-9224, MS-4874464, MS-4874465
  • General Motors GM 12345349, GM 9985648, GM 1052931, GM 2377916, GM 9985535, GM 12345577, GM 9986105
RAVENOL TSG 75W-90 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL TSG 75W-90 Transmission Fluid is a semi synthetic multigrade transmission oil for modern highly-loaded manual transmissions. Used as a budget racing transmission oil by many clubmen.


  • VW 501 50
  • Ford M2C-175
  • GM Vauxhall/ Opel B 040 104 3
RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 Transmission Fluid

RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 Transmission Fluid is a fully synthetic gear oil suitable for use in high performance and motorsport applications.

API GL-4/ GL-5

  • BMW 83229407768, BMW 83222365987, BMW OSP, BMW SAF-XO
  • BOT 328, BOT 130M, BOT 720
  • DAF LKW (for extended drain intervals)
  • Ford WSD-M2C200-C, Ford 1045737, Ford 5021033
  • Land Rover TYK500010
  • MAN 342 Typ S-1
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 235.8, MB 235.11
  • MIL-L 2105 D
  • Porsche 958.341.536.00 
  • Renault LKW
  • SCANIA STO 1:0
  • Volvo 97312 / 97315
  • VW G052539A2
  • ZF TE-ML 12B, ZF TE-ML 16F, ZF TE-ML 17B

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RAVENOL Manual Transmission Fluid specifications:

  • Lubrication, shear stability of the lubricant, reliable wear protection for transmission components and gaskets, antifoaming, temperature control, corrosion protection, load carrying capacity, prevention of pitting, dispersing power, insensitivity to seals, insensitivity to metals, miscibility with other lubricants.
  • Switching and synchronization behaviour.
  • Prevention of noise while idling and operation, low noise operation at high and low temperatures, speeds and loads.
  • A means of extending service intervals of increasing demands on the lubricants, the oils, i.e. consistent functionality over the duration of use, high thermal and oxidative stability for long applicability and optimal conditions for reducing friction energy losses.
  • Excellent cold start characteristics. Wear-free starting behaviour at low temperatures.