Brake & Cooling Fluids

Racing brake systems have to work much harder than those in road cars and as a result the brakes can get extremely hot and start to lose performance. Combined with the high speeds on circuits and stages, brake fade can be extremely dangerous, as well as the fastest way to destroy your weekend. Whilst you may assume it’s the brake pads at fault, more often than not it’s the brake fluid.

RAVENOL Racing brake fluids are extensively tested with both carbon and steel performance street brakes, racing brakes, and clutch systems. Our highly advanced formulas have very high thermal resistance and offer the best braking in extreme racing conditions.

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RAVENOL R325+ Racing Brake Fluid - 500ml

RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid R325+ is a specially developed high performance braking fluid that has a very high thermal resistance at the very highest DOT 4 level. It is used by many leading race & rally teams, including 24H endurance racing. Tested to a dry boiling point of 327°C and offering outstanding resistance to vapour lock and pedal fade.

  • US FMVSS 116 DOT 4
  • DOT 5.1
  • SAE J 1703
  • SAE J 1704
RAVENOL DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid - 1 Litre

RAVENOL DOT 5.1 Brake fluid is a universal brake fluid with optimal ABS characteristics for use in all vehicles requiring a DOT 5.1 specification.

  • SAE J1704,
  • ISO 4925 Class 5.1
  • FMVSS 116 DOT 5.1


RAVENOL Copper Paste - 90g

RAVENOL Copper Paste is a high temperature lithium grease containing copper powder as a solid lubricant additive, anti-wear additives, and anti-corrosion properties.

Operating temperature range: -20°C to + 1100°C.

RAVENOL Racing Car Sticker

RAVENOL Racing Car Stickers are displayed by our partner teams and racing drivers in several high profile series.


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