Additives are active ingredients in the fuel, lubricant or coolant, which can emphasize positive characteristics such as power and fuel efficiency, whilst reducing negative things such as friction, sludge build up and emissions. RAVENOL have additives for many applications, including cleaning, wear reduction, fuel quality improvement, corrosion protection and improvement of performance.

RAVENOL fuel additives can help you save even more money on top of using our already fuel-economic engine and gear oils, because the additives go beyond the lubrication process and actually improve the efficiency of the combustion process inside the engine. And through regular use of other RAVENOL additives for cleaning, conserving and maintaining the engine, you will notice a return to full performance and cleaner emissions.

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RAVENOL Diesel Cetane Booster, 300ml

RAVENOL Diesel Cetane Booster increases the cetane rating of diesel fuel (same as increasing the octane in petrol) and improves ignition performance, torque and power of diesel engines.


RAVENOL Diesel Performance Optimizer Premium, 300ml

RAVENOL Diesel Performance Optimizer Premium is a high specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness. Reduces CO2 and HC emissions, tested and certified by the German TÜV.

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner, 300ml

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner is a fuel additive for all diesel engines which cleans the fuel injection system and restores the full power of the engine, whilst increasing operational safety, reducing smoke and improving the fuel economy.

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster, 300ml

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster is an environmentally-friendly valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer which increases the octane rating of petrol by at least 3 points. Improves both BHP and torque. Treats up to 40 Litres of fuel.

RAVENOL Petrol Performance Optimizer Premium, 300ml

RAVENOL Petrol Performance Optmizer Premium is a premium fuel additive for all petrol engines that has been tested and certified by the German TÜV. Ideal to use as a pre-test clean-up. Provides for optimum combustion and a  reduction of fuel consumption.

RAVENOL Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml

RAVENOL Petrol System Cleaner is a fuel additive for cleaning the fuel system on petrol driven engines. It removes microscopic resinous and varnish-type deposits on fuel injection valves and fuel volume distributors.  Ideal for that pre-MoT clean-up.

RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner, 300ml

RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner is an engine flush suitable for all petrol and diesel engines (with and without catalytic converter) for use before changing the oil. It effectively breaks down dirt accumulation and sludge deposits in the engine and removes these effectively when draining the used oil, thus improving combustion and fuel efficiency.

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Stop Leak, 300ml

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Stop Leak permanently seals hairline cracks and leaks in the cooling system, prevents seals from sweating and the subsequent loss of coolant and is suitable for closed cooling systems. An abolute must for the service team's toolbag!


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