RAVENOL Industrial oils and special lubricants have been specially developed in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Werther, Germany, to meet and exceed the requirements of today’s high-performance machines and units.

Modern high-efficiency requirements are leading to ever higher speeds and loads. The result is an increasing demand on the lubricant. The superior properties of RAVENOL Industrial products means they are more than capable of withstanding higher loads, pressures and temperatures, often far exceeding the specifications. As well as the great value for money that RAVENOL Industrial products offer, the reduced wear and extended oil change intervals that our lubricants offer will also lead to a significant reduction in maintenance down times and operating costs, further saving you money.

RAVENOL industrial oils and special lubricants cover a wide range of applications and we are constantly developing new products to keep up with the latest industrial requirements from around the world. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for in our shop range, please give us a call on 01686 650 640 and talk to us about your requirements. 

Prices on the website are all VAT inclusive. For larger quantities, please Contact Us for an individual quote.