Ravenol UK have partnered with Rallying the Wright Way

Ravenol UK are happy to announce a new partnership with Rallying the Wright Way. This partnership is aimed to help the development of the next generation of motorsport professionals in the UK.

Rallying the Wright Way is a student run rally team which provides automotive education through motorsport and is a progressive step for our other recently announced partner Harper Adams Motorsport Club. Rallying has always been a collective sport with everyone participating being crucial to the success, therefore this rallying platform for the students at Harper Adams University is excellent for team-building and gaining new skills and knowledge within the automotive industry.

Here is what Charlie Wright said in a statement "Rallying the Wright Way is a student ran competitive rally team, based at Harper Adams University, competing in stage rallies throughout the UK in a an M-Sport Fiesta R2T. The ethos of the programme is to further students’ professional skills by exposing them to the pressured environment of competitive motorsport. Teamwork, Communication, Critical Thinking & Time Management are all skills required for success in rallying and the workplace. Ravenol UK have joined Rallying the Wright Way as partners to help the development of the next generation of motorsport professionals in the UK, providing us with not just the lubrication and cooling technology to keep the M-sport Fiesta R2T perfectly running all season, but the expertise to analyse the fluids we use and how we use them in a laboratory environment. This information will steer our event preparation & assist the team in ensuring the Fiesta is running correctly at all times. Rallying the Wright Way, a progressive step from The Harper Adams Motorsport Club, another Ravenol UK supported team here at the University. Will compete in select national rallies throughout the UK, with the aim for Co-Driver Adam & Driver Charlie to gain experience in writing pace notes and the wider team being able to operate away for 2-3 days remotely , really developing their professional skills.”

Here is what Brian Chase, Managing Director of Ravenol UK said "We are very happy to be partnered with an amazing team and University, our aim is to bring young people into motorsport. Ravenol oils and fluids will be used in the vehicle to ensure optimal lubrication for the rally car, we want Ravenol oils to be tested to the limit so we can prove how good Ravenol's patented USVO technology® is, and what better way to do that then applying it within rallying applications. Harper Adams University is an excellent University which brings higher education into the forefront of innovation, Ravenol too strive for innovation in its high-quality lubricants. Therefore, Ravenol's values and Harper Adams University's values align consecutively. We look forward to seeing what 2024 brings for Rallying the Wright Way".

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