Ravenol UK Partners with Harper Adams Motorsport Club

Ravenol UK have announced a new partnership deal with Harper Adams Motorsport Club which is a motorsport society held within the Harper Adams University. The club will be racing our Ravenol V6 Land Rover Freelander for the 2024 Hill Rally Season. This Freelander has a rich history with our very own Managing Director Brian Chase having used it to compete in rallying stages.

The Ravenol Freelander will be using Ravenol oils which have the iconic USVO® technology developed and tested at Ravenol's laboratory for optimum lubrication. It will give us a unique opportunity to see Ravenol oils tested on our own vehicle and put through the paces with the University team.

Ravenol UK Managing Director Brian chase said "We are very happy to be partnered with Harper Adams Motorsport Club, our aim is to bring young people into motorsport. Ravenol oils and fluids will be used in the vehicle to ensure optimal lubrication for the rally car, we want Ravenol oils to be tested to the limit so we can prove how good Ravenol's patented USVO technology® is, and what better way to do that then applying it within rallying applications. Harper Adams University is an excellent University which brings higher education into the forefront of innovation, Ravenol too strive for innovation in its high-quality lubricants. The club is an excellent platform for young and talented drivers and mechanics to develop on their knowledge and apply it to motorsports racing, and we are therefore pleased to support this. A few years ago I used to use this very same rally car and compete in rally stages across the UK so it is good to see the Ravenol Freelander being used in the next generation of motorsport talent".

Eliza Gladstone Chairman for Harper Adams Motorsport Club '23-24 said "Ravenol is an industry leading oil company, and we are honoured to be partnered with them. They will help the club extract more performance from our vehicles. A car such as the Ravenol Freelander will permit the club to attend more events and get more people introduced to more areas of Cross Country Motorsport. The achievements and passion of the club whilst being entirely student run is something we are extremely proud of. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity which will lead to more students becoming interested in motorsports and growing the community and the knowledge within it as a whole".

Stay tuned for some competitive action coming in 2024!