Ravenol UK Partners with MST Cars

Ravenol UK are proud to announce a partnership with MST Cars, the aim of this technical partnership is to co-create value though joint efforts and create strategic alliances in the automotive sector. As a result, not only will the combined wealth of experience and knowledge result in an enhancement in the automotive sector but it will also see long-term collaborations in social media, events, and some extras to yet to be unfolded from 2024 onwards. 

Based in the heart of Wales, where rallying is part of our lives and culture, the company has evolved from originally selling tools and equipment for the motorsport industry to a specialist supplier of Escort Mk1 & Mk2 parts.

MST Cars has evolved from a family business, Motorsport-Tools, based in North Wales, UK. Successfully trading since 2008 supplying parts and equipment to the motorsport industry, with family roots in the automotive trade going back over 100 years, with hardware shops within the local market town Pwllheli, and later in Criccieth.

Today Motorsport-Tools has become the world leader in the development and supply of Escort Mk1 and Mk2 parts as well as a supplying a wide range of high-end motorsport parts and equipment.

After building up a massive stock range of nearly all parts required to build a new rally car, the natural step forward as a company was to actually offer complete fully built cars. 2020 marks the first year for new road registered MST Mk1 and MST Mk2. 

The Mk1 Escort was launched in 1968 and evolved into the Mk2 in 1975. A simple and practical design that works as well today as it did 50 years ago. The Escorts dominated the world of rallying throughout the 70’s, winning the RAC rally every year between 1972 and 1979, making the Escort model the most successful rally car of all time.

Today MST Cars bring you a car based on the classic proven design and bring it up to date with today’s modern technology as a road car or competition rally / race car. Keeping the original rear wheel drive layout and updating the drive train with a modern more efficient and powerful engine with state-of-the-art electrical systems and features such as programmable ECU’s, power steering etc.

Modern cars of the 21st century have become generic and lacking in character, they are very difficult to modify and customize due to complex assembly and electrical systems.  

The Classic rear wheel drive Escort Mk1 & Mk2 is the total opposite, a simple car to work on, that can be easily modified and upgraded to build your own unique vehicle. A car that handles extremely well on the road as well as on the rally stages, a true driver’s car.

MST Cars believe that the package they have on offer, a naturally aspirated, rear wheel drive –  ultra responsive, rally inspired car is what you want. Their aim is to continue the development of this classic car and make it even better.

At RAVENOL, we offer a wide range of high-quality oils and fluids tailored to meet specific vehicle requirements. Our patented USVO® and CleanSynto® technologies provide optimal lubrication and protection for critical parts, extending your vehicle's life and reducing repair costs. Our high-performance engine oils improve fuel economy, throttle response, and reduce emissions, allowing for extended oil change interval.

With over 75 Years in the automotive lubricants industry, Ravenol has become a global organisation with a presence in over 90 countries. Ravenol is continually looking to expand into new markets and develop to ensure our products are one of the best in the global lubricants market. Through the constant development of its products, technological possibilities, and its team of employees the transformation from a small lubricant producer to a technology pioneer took place. The cooperation with international top teams and popular racing series contributes to the know-how development and strengthens Ravenol's experience in motorsport applications such as rallying and in the automotive lubricant development. The feedback from different applications and the positive results strengthen the confidence of our demanding customers in our high-performance products. The strategy of sustained growth was underlined by a comprehensive re-launch of the brand in autumn 2012. This forward- thinking policy is especially visible in the new product packaging, which has been modernized and optimized in both design and function. Now RAVENOL is visually innovative, with modern and reliable products, and with a passion for excellence in lubrication. Ravenol are proud of its technology - "Made in Germany".

Here's what Ravenol UK's Managing Director said in a statement: “We have been supplying Motorsport Tools with our range of Motorsport lubricants for a few years now and are really proud to be involved in this exciting project. Carwyn and the MST team have done a brilliant job in recreating one of the most successful rally cars of all time and whether purchased for use on road or stage will bring back the thrill of proper rear wheel drive motoring.”

Here's what MST's Managing Director said: “We are very happy to have Ravenol Oils on board as our Official Lubricant Partner. Our aim it to work with world leading brands within the automotive industry, Ravenol certainly fits in as a leader in lubricants technology. We are very much looking forward working with Ravenol team as we continue to grow as a manufacturer of high end cars for road and motorsport”.

Together, we hope the long-term partnership brings an array of specialist knowledge to the motor industry.