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You guys at the NHS do a great job and deserve all the support you can get. Following requests from NHS staff we have now set up a discount voucher scheme but must restrict it to those who have an genuine @nhs.net e-mail address as this is the only way we can ensure that only actual NHS staff benefit from the discount - we have to ensure that only genuine NHS staff can get this. The offer is only valid for purchases from our online shop www.ravenol-direct.uk and does not include items from the “Bargain Bin”.
Please fill out the contact form below making sure you use your @nhs.net e-mail address to do so. You will receive a reply with your unique discount code.
Please then place the items you wish to order into the Shopping Basket and enter your unique code (best to copy and paste from the mail) into the Special Discount box which you will find in the lower left side of the basket (may vary on a mobile phone). NB. If typing in please ensure that you use lower case for the letters in the code - it will not work with upper case!) You will then receive your NHS Discount of 12%.
This offer is initially valid for a single order placed before 31st December 2020. If you wish to order again before then just contact us for another discount code.
I hope this helps you all to maintain your vehicle and enable you to reliably carry on the amazing work you do – keep up the good work and take care!
My warmest regards to you all
Brian Chase
Managing Director

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