Ravenolís Technical Partnership with the Pickup Truck Racing Championship 2023



History of Pickup Truck Racing

Matt Simpson taking the lead in the Brands Hatch race

Pickup Truck Racing first emerged in 1997 by Sonny Howard, radically redesigning the way the UK Motorsport fan's view pickup truck racing, bringing along its American style racing to the UK.

In 2001, the pickup trucks were originally in right-hand drive for the Rockingham-based oval SCSA (then ASCAR) racing series. However, due to the regulations they were not permitted to race around the 1.5-mile speedway anti-clockwise. As such, an oval course was constructed for the drivers to compete in the series. Thereafter, in the 2003 series the pickup trucks were converted to right-hand drive to allow the drivers to compete in the oval circuit.

The exhilarating experience of the pickup trucks being inches from each other means there’s little room for error. As such, the ability of the drivers is essential to winning the race. Distinctive to its American counterpart, the UK Pickup Truck Racing series comes with some environmental hurdles to overcome. For example, the pickup trucks can be equipped with wet tires, rear safety lights, and wipers to combat the fortuitous UK weather.

2023 Pickup Truck Racing Season

Matt Simpson head-to-head with Daniel Fisher

For the 2023 Pickup Truck Racing season Ravenol are proud to announce a new technical partnership with the Pickup Truck Racing championship. These lightweight pickup trucks weigh only 900kg and pack a 230bhp 2ltr multi-value twin-cam engine, with a bespokechassis made by SHP Engineering. Therefore, the vehicle specifications place a strong emphasis on the driver's ability and talent.

There will be a total of 6 renowned tracks including Brands Hatch, Mallory Park, Thruxton, Donington Park, Lydden Hill, and Pembrey. As such, there’s an array of challenging corners and fast paced straights, including the distinctive oval circuit at Mallory Park. Therefore, it’s imperative for the drivers to utilise their ability and determination to win the championship.

There will be two classes for the championship, Pro1 will be for pickup trucks using the GM C20XE 2.3 litre and Ford Duratec 2.5 litre engine. In addition, Pro2 will be for the pickup trucks using the GM C20XE 2 litre, and the Ford Duratec 2.3 litre engines. For full information on the 2023 Pickup Truck Racing championship regulations click here.

Here’s the results from the first rounds of the championship so far:

Brands Hatch

Round 1 winner

Matt Simpson
Round 2 winner Dale Gent
Round 3 winner Reece Jones

If you fancy seeing the relentless fun which pickup truck racing offers, check out the next race on May 20th and May 21st at Mallory Park. Alternatively, for more information on the event times and dates in 2023 check out the calendar here. Who do you think has the potential to win the 2023 championship? Comment below.


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