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Finning Oil Analysis Kit

Regular checks on the condition of the oil can extend the life of both engine and transmission and help spot potential problems long before they materialise. The cost-effective Finning Oil Analysis Kit is the complete fluid analysis programme performed by the Number One oil condition monitoring laboratory in the UK. Got to be the most cost effective way of finding out what is really happening inside your engine - before it's too late!

RAVENOL Air Filter Cleaner Spray - 500ml

RAVENOL Air Filter Cleaner Spray is an aerosol spray cleaner for cleaning all makes of foam air filters. Developed to effectively remove old filter oil, dust, sludge and other contaminants with minimum effort to restore peak filter performance.

RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray - 400ml

RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray is an aerosol spray oil for all foam air filters, and is formulated to allow optimum air flow through the filter and prevent the ingress of water, dust, and other harmful contaminants.

RAVENOL Bearing Grease (Wälzlagerfett) LI 86, 400g
RAVENOL Bearing Grease (Wälzlagerfett) LI 86 is lithium saponified multipurpose grease with oxidation and corrosion protective additives. It is walk stable, stain-resistant and water-repellent and offers excellent adhesion to metal.
RAVENOL Brake Cleaner Spray - 500ml

RAVENOL Brake Cleaner Spray  is a highly effective solvent-blended brake cleaner aerosol for the degreasing and cleaning of brakes, brake linings and clutch parts. Does not leaves the white film associated with cheaper cleaners. Has to be without doubt one of the best brake cleaners on the market!

RAVENOL Calibration Fluid 2.5

RAVENOL Calibration Fluid 2.5 is a low viscosity test fluid for the calibration of diesel injection pumps with a very close viscosity tolerance. It is noted for its excellent wear, corrosion-protection and low foaming tendency. 

  • Bosch Norm VS 15665-OL – CV
  • ISO-Norm 4113-CV-AW
  • MAN
  • Anti-corrosion oil for internal preservation of MTU fuel systems
  • Volkswagen
  • Lucas CAV, MB DBL 6513
RAVENOL Carburettor Cleaner Spray - 400ml

RAVENOL Carburettor Cleaner Spray is a specially-formulated aerosol cleaner designed to remove contamination and deposits in the carburettor, intake and throttle valve areas.

RAVENOL Copper Paste - 90g

RAVENOL Copper Paste is a high temperature lithium grease containing copper powder as a solid lubricant additive, anti-wear additives, and anti-corrosion properties.

Operating temperature range: -20°C to + 1100°C.

RAVENOL Deicer Spray 500ml

RAVENOL “Antifrost Enteiser” Deicer Spray thoroughly and quickly eliminates frost, snow and icing on car windows and headlamps. The special antifreeze formula even thaws frozen door locks and protects against new ice formation.

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner, 300ml

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner is a fuel additive for all diesel engines which cleans the fuel injection system and restores the full power of the engine, whilst increasing operational safety, reducing smoke and improving the fuel economy.

RAVENOL Fogging Oil - 400ml

RAVENOL Fogging Oil is an anti-corrosion spray formulated to effectively protect cylinder walls, piston rings and other internal surfaces of engines against rust and corrosion during storage.

RAVENOL Hot Red Grease HRG 2, 400gm

RAVENOL Hot Red Grease HRG 2 is a red lithium complex soap lubricating grease particularly recommended for the lubrication of wheel bearings on commercial vehicles and for high-speed passenger car wheel bearings.

  • DIN 51 502
  • KP2P-35
  • ISO 6743 Part 9
  • MAN 284 Li-H2
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 265.1
RAVENOL Marine Grease - 400gm

RAVENOL Marine Grease is a yellow-green, fluorescent, sea-water resistant lubrication grease with long-term adhesion properties. Can also be used wherever a calcium-soaped grease is required -  in industry, for motor vehicles, by do-it-yourselfers and in the home. 

  • DIN 51 502
  • KP2K-30
  • ISO 6743 Part 9
RAVENOL MoS2 Spray - 400ml

RAVENOL MoS2 Spray contains finely dispersed Molybdenum Disulphide solid lubricant for outstanding water displacement, corrosion inhibition and lubricating properties. Helps to loosen rusted nuts.

RAVENOL Motor Starter Spray - 400ml

RAVENOL Motor Starter Spray provides a safe and secure cold start even in the coldest temperatures, whilst helping to preserve battery and starter motor life.

RAVENOL Multi-Purpose-Grease -  400g

RAVENOL Multi-purpose Grease is a lithium saponified multipurpose grease with oxidation and corrosion protective additives.

  • DIN 51 502
  • K2K-30
  • ISO 6743 Part 9
  • MB-Approval 267.0
RAVENOL Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml

RAVENOL Petrol System Cleaner is a fuel additive for cleaning the fuel system on petrol driven engines. It removes microscopic resinous and varnish-type deposits on fuel injection valves and fuel volume distributors.  Ideal for that pre-MoT clean-up.

RAVENOL Precision Mechanics Oil - 100ml

RAVENOL Precision Mechanics Oil is a multi-purpose, universal mechanic oil which is formulated to be resin and acid -free. Ideal for lubricating door locks and hinges.

RAVENOL Pressure Sprayer,  0.9L

RAVENOL Pressure Sprayer is a high quality plastic pressure sprayer from Ravenol which can be used for a wide range of tasks. Simply pressing down the spray button with your thumb is enough to create an even, continuous spray.

RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner, 300ml

RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner is an engine flush suitable for all petrol and diesel engines (with and without catalytic converter) for use before changing the oil. It effectively breaks down dirt accumulation and sludge deposits in the engine and removes these effectively when draining the used oil, thus improving combustion and fuel efficiency.

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Stop Leak, 300ml

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Stop Leak permanently seals hairline cracks and leaks in the cooling system, prevents seals from sweating and the subsequent loss of coolant and is suitable for closed cooling systems. An abolute must for the service team's toolbag!

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